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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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helena. this system once again, not terribly impressive but doesn't have good timing. back with how much rain this sis imimtim will bring in just minute autos now, in the santa cruz mountains, cruise racing to fix a major problem before that next one hits. >> right. just 46 customers still without power in santa cruz county mountains. the river has gone from 16 feet down to five feet. still one trouble spot. it's a big one. repairing storm damage considered a top priority. heavy rain eroded roadway. there are about 30 homes along this stretch. >> i had a six minute drive to get kids to school. going into the back way, it's
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about 35 minutes. everybody gets up earlier. >> vine hill sta popular short cut linking highway 1 in another. >> when we have a slide down the road here about six yearsing ao, took many months to get the road open. you know? >> crews wasting no time trying to get one lane operational. they laid down 120 feet of pipe today and have done an evaluation of the soil to see how soon they can rebuilt the road. >> about four feet down there is sand stone. we're hoping that that is consistent, we can probably lay in a crew in there. >> the storm damage is creating a lot of work for repair crews it's welcome news for the water district. in just four days, lexington
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reservoir up from 36% to 46%. as for one lane traffic that could with a reality tomorrow afternoon. >> i'm just thrilled it's being done, trampkly. you can see what is going on behind me here. >> it's good. it's great. >> before that one lane is reopened tomorrow. crews will have to put a railing in place but they do hope that is completed by afternoon. and one reason for the push to reopen both lanes is that the road is considered an escape route if santa cruz faces an evacuation. >> have you very much. we track this next storm system throughout the night we'll have up updated on
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morning news from live doppler 7 hd. >> now we're getting late information oakland police about the horrible case of a missing autistic girl found beaten and sexual assaulted. abc 7 news just left the news conference. allen? >> police say the guy was a stranger who took advantage of a 16-year-old girl considered at risk and on the autistic spectrum. the 36-year-old arrested and charged with kidnapping three counts of rape and performing lewd acts on a child. last tuesday, the young girl walked away from her group home in oakland and ended up near the fruit veil bart station. she is believed to have come in contact with atkinson. she was found on a san francisco muni train alone, and scared. the police would not say how she ended up in san francisco, and where she was during the
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time she went missing. the police chief would only say this. >>. >> this is one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career, someone, as mr. atkinson can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> we're told the girl is no longer staying at that group home, police say gary atkinson arrested near the same station where the girl disappeared. police say they used surveillance video and the help of the community to track him down. police say the young girl is recovering at home. >> a man and woman from morgan hill are facing five felony counts in what police say is a kidnapping and assault of a handy man. the sheriff's zeptz the 50-year-old was held for about
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seven hours, forced to perform work under threat of death. the 36-year-old and 33-year-old were arrested yesterday in san jose after the man escaped. >> san francisco supervisors have just approved a ban on public nudity. we're live tonight with the facts. >> this second and final vote. the ban passed and as expected, nudists and supporters protested by taking it off. >> deputies responded, experting them from the chambers. spechbl were detained and one taken into custody for resisting arest and interfering with government
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business. this law will not take affect until february to give opponents a chance to be heard in federal court. they say a ban on being naked in city streets, sidewalks and plaz yaz violates their civil rights. >> this is just going that way, it's a crush to my generation. >> it's been a issue in the castro and elsewhere. and after two years, i am trying to avoid dealing with it. i felt, i had to deal witness. i stand by this legislation. i'm happy to see it pass. and to move on to other thing autos seven people detained one woman put in a van, taken into custody for resisting
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arest. let me tell but a little oddity here at city hall with this vote. the first tinl around a couple weeksing ayork waits 6.5, today, 7-4 looked like scott weiner picked up support but the supervisor says no. i was just distracted and i accidentally voted in favor of the ban. she asked for the vote retaken it was, again, 6-5 in favor of banning public nudity. >> this led to an arrest of a san francisco blogger who sent a picture of supervisor scott weiner in a bathroom and wrote about it in his blog. last week he was arrested and charged under a law design frod detective privacy. san francisco district attorney says he wants to send a message such behavior is not appropriate. >> this is not okay to invait
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people's privacy. it trespasses decency. >> saying in a statement he yelled at him over their agreements. >> police investigating a sexual assault on campus last week saying on the evening of november 29th a 21-year-old woman walking between barker hall and a man grabbed her and assaulted her over her clothing she. screamed and scared the man off. >> switching gears now, hundreds of people signed up for jobs in a fair co-sponsored by abc 7 today. among companies hiring, hyatt reek yensy, santa clara, new york life insurance company and financial services and sleep drain. one of the first in line is a resident moving west in search of work.
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>> i've got 10 years in sales and marketing looking for a job after we move across country with three kids. >> good luck to him and everybody there. the next event is january 30th. >> good resource. >> four cities consider cuts that affect their fire department autos also, why a response team was called out to a fire. >> michael finney has one shopper's fine from goodwill that is worth immense
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a team helping investigate the cause of a fire that destroyed a home on straggle lane. firefighters say the house is vacant and the home was full of property including 12 vehicles on the site. various containers filled with unknown material are being inspect bid the team tonight. fire prok out in a home associated with the hippy movement in san francisco today. the blaze started at the top of an apartment building on page street and spread next door. firefighters say there was a lot of electrical equipment in the area, where the fire started. however, the cause of the blaze still being determined tonight. and police discovered a marijuana grow house after neighbors complained about activity they saw. officers say there no one at the home on saddle wood court. they did find pot plants with a street value of $125,000.
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there is also an elaborate pot growing operation inside. three cars seen leaving before police showed up. >> good news, soon, low income children in san francisco will be allowed to ride muni for free. the board approve that had program today. and are going to set aside money to help kids get to school and will last 16 months starting in map, next year. students between 5-17 are going to be able to ride for 75 cents with a valid id. that rate applies to seniors and people with disabilities. regular adult fare, take a look at that, $2 and children ages 4 and under get to ride free. >> good information. in the east bay, people are worried about their safety tonight. fire stations in clayton, lafayette and walnut creek are at risk of closing.
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abc 7 news is live in martinez tonight. no one wants a fire station near their home to close. >> that is right. it's something else they're worried about, their insurance rates going up. the board acting as the fire district board supposed to make a decision on the stations. today, but late this afternoon, they decided they needed more information and have pushed back final votes until next week. >> garth lives a half mile from the fire station 16, the only one serving his neighborhood on the west side. lights have been off and sirens silent temporarily at station 16 due to a mold and rat problem. now, it could be closed permanently january 1. >> when you cut back on something like that, they've responded to a lot of things here. not having them here... it's
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disconcerting. >> with the failure of measure q, the supervisors must huf to close stations. the candidates include station 16 in lay fayette, number 12 on shell avenue in martinez, number four on hawthorne drive in walnut creek. and number 11 on center avenue in clayton. >> this is going to leave clayton with no fire stations in the city. we'll be the only stay city in the county that does not have a fire station within our city limits. >> it's a difficult decision. we did say we'd listen to what voters said. they'd want to us continue current levels or fwhot approve it closures will increase response times county wide. after rinl time now is just over six and a half minutes. >> this is going to impact response times to areas around the station.
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we're going to have to wait longer for resources. >> and again, supervisors have delayed decision. the chief indicated it may not stop there if there are no new revenue sources found they may have to look at closing more stations next fiscal year. >> los gatos based net flix taking streaming entertainment to a new level. securing u.s. trits disney studio films putting it in competition tigs with major cable networks. and no terms of the deal were announced but analysts say it will cost about $350 million per year. shares of net flix stock
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jumped 14% with that news. >> you never know what treasure you might find in a goodwill store. >> that story in just a moment. but... first, super storm sandy is good for car sfwhis. >> it is shocking. super storm sandy helped boost strong auto saelts. auto makers saw increases over the same time. much of the game because of cars lost in the storm being replaced. there are still more cars to be bought. estimated 100,000 cars and trucks will be needing to be replaced. i want to you remember that, too, when you're looking to buy preowned vehicles. many storm damaged models will make their way into the market. check to see what state that car came from. want a good reason to go shop agent goodwill? how about picking up an important art work for a song?
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it happened in milwaukee. an art frame caught karen's eye. >> i saw the signature. i called calder? i was surprised and thought surely no. i use bid goodwill loyalty card and ended up paying $12.34. >> there it is. it's worth $9,000. goodwill says it attempts to spot yimts like this, but some expensive items do slip through. >> you know, that is interesting. >> she has good taste. >> she does. >> thank you. >> oakland raiders fans we want to see your team pride for raider's day this sunday. this fan sent thus great photo. and that is 5-year-old and her sister. >> raiders and abc 7 begins
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tomorrow with abc 7 news at 4:30. we get going thursday with sports director larry beil hosting a show at 3:00 p.m. at 5:00 coverage begins live from the coliseum. once it ends they'll return with after the game. then, it's abc programming. last resort at 11:00, and a special edition of abc 7 news at midnight. >> join us on thursday. >> rain we hope will be gone and dry. >> let's find out the answer now from sandhya pattel. >> it's a big lay -- big day. you'll be able to go out and enjoy the game as we broadcast here live from abc 7 news. on the roof here, it's a
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billing bit breeze here. it's a localized wind. it's cool. we look back towards san francisco, you can see clouds are gathering. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we'll see where it's raining now. you can see it's light to moderate around central avenue way. eastwide road around highway 101. we're seeing rainfall around anapolis road. and some lighter returns around santa rosa. you can see heading out towards st. hell qena area. it's about to get spotty showers. it feels cooler out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. highlights, scattered showers overnight. rain turning into showers
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tomorrow afternoon. a drier pattern begins on thursday. this storm sr slow moving. here is what is going to happen. tonight at 7:00 we'll see more coverage in the rainfall. showers. into early morning hours by 5:00 a.m. do expect wet roadways at 7:00 a.m. north bay will be getting moderate rainfall. you can see it's across the east bay. inform at 11:00 a.m. around san jos yai. could see moderate to briefly heavy rainfall. turns into scattered showers for afternoon. the storm not impressing us not when you compare to it last week storm. three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in the north bay.
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tenth to a quarter inch thursday. snow levels high if you're heading to what ta home. it's going to be raining below that. partly cloudy skies thursday. sunny skies friday. cold enough to make snow. so tomorrow morning looking for showers. it will be a hill bit on the cool side. sea scattered showers around the bay, i just felt a drop here. all right. breaking news. low to upper 60s around monterey bay and raining. rain turning into showers. dry for raider's game. the weekend is going to be dry on the cool side.
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we're keeping it dry. rain will be long gone by the time the raiders game gets underway. i'm sandhya patel. sprinkles now, nothing major. >> right. >> that is fine. >> we have more ahead, including judges at odds over the feature of gay conversion therapy. >> tonight at k a mobile app could make sure search for parking easier. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news.
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the search continues for a couple from nevada missing since thursday after jitzing family near sacramento. the 44-year-old and his
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girlfriend headed home. last time they have been seen a live. rescue workers have been searching mountain highways. the search continues with teams and volunteers who will look on foot. >> there are rulings over california can forth head with a state law banning sexual orientation therapy for minors one judge ruled a ban on trying to convert a teen from gay to straight does not violate a therapist's right to free speech. in a separate case yesterday a judge ruled the opposite. and granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of a group. >> they want to ensure that people who want their professional help are able to seek that out and ask for their help without governmental interference. >> attorney general harris says she will defend the ban
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on miners. the injunction will remain in effect until the lawsuit is decided. >> moving on, it's a rap in the east bay. >> santa's elves kbelt
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tonight at 6:00 saturated ground skmor rain on the way. the concern it's causing in the normal bay. they haven't had time to dry out. >> kl cal schools how state lawmakers want to spend money you approved on the november ballot. >> we're in the middle of a revolution. >> break through work had a hospital and their efforts to expand what they do nationwide. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> and santa's helpers right here in the bay area. >> students from the high school in oakland came
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together to wrap donated school supplies and will be given to more than 250 local foster children. a day after toys for tots said wilt not be able to provide toys for those children this season because of a deeb deklein in donation. >> one student donated 500 items of clothing. one of the best things is how generous people are. >> world news is next, i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, we this is "world news." tonight, home run. the price of your homes starting to surge. tonight, we show you the hottest market and what a difference a year can make for one hard-hit street. holiday heat. is this about to be the hottest year ever? joggers in central park, t-shirts in chicago, december dandelions where there should be
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